Stardusted Fields

We were so excited to see the “Field of Light” that we got there an hour too early!

As we walked in, the sun was calling it a day, leaving behind a clear and rather classic sunset. Sensorio’s landscape is vast. Picture this: rolling hills, bold tree silhouettes standing tall in the backdrop, and endless fields covered with colorful lights, all glowing gently and swaying quietly with every light breeze. As we wandered around, the colors would shift before us, from blue to purple, from green to magenta.

It was hard to remember we were in California’s wine country. We bumped into other visitors here and there, everyone taking in the view, their faces lit up in wonder. People from different places, all in Paso Robles, sharing this one cool moment.

As the night deepened, the lights seemed to shine brighter. As we were leaving, we couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of those who were just arriving, who still had before them the experience of seeing those magical stardusted fields for the very first time.